Mi, Redmi TVs See Price Hike in India Starting Today Due to Supply Chain Shortages

Mi, Redmi TVs See Price Hike in India Starting Today Due to Supply Chain Shortages

July 2, 2021 0 By admin

However, Xiaomi has not yet provided which of its smart TV models would exactly receive the increased pricing.



Redmi TVs See Price Hike in India Starting Today Due to Supply Chain Shortages


  • Xiaomi is increasing its Mi TV and Redmi TV prices by 3–6 percent
  • Global supply chain shortages are claimed to be the reason for the change
  • Some Mi TV and Redmi TV models are already available with hiked prices



Mi and Redmi TV models in India are receiving an increase in their prices starting today (July 1), Xiaomi has announced. Redmi TVs See Price, Citing global supply chain shortages, the Chinese company stated that the price hike would be between 3–6 percent.

The latest move does not bring any changes to the pricing of Xiaomi smartphones.

However, the company recently hiked some of its popular smartphone prices in the country.

Xiaomi rivals including Realme and Vivo also increased the pricing of some of their smartphones in the recent past.


Redmi TVs See Price


A Xiaomi  spokesperson told Gadgets 360 that the company witnessed shortages across the supply chain in the last one year that resulted in a “constant upward movement” in the pricing of the components used in smartphones, smart TV, and other electronics (including chipsets, display panels, display driver, back panels, and battery). Redmi TVs See Price


“This, coupled with an unprecedented increase in shipping charges has had an effect on almost all the technology players including us,” the spokesperson said in a prepared statement .

“While we have tried to absorb the increasing costs, some of our products have witnessed a price hike.

We also foresee an inevitable increase of 3–6 percent in prices of our smart TVs from July 1 onwards.”



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It is currently unclear which Mi and Redmi TV models are receiving an increased pricing.

The company has also not provided any details on the exact amount of price hike the customers would get due to the change.

Having said that, 91Mobiles reports that there are at least 10 models in the Mi TV  and Redmi TV series that have already received increased prices in the country.

The price hike is between Rs. 500–2,000, depending on the model.


Redmi TVs See Price

The Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition 32-inch  has received the Rs. 500 price hike, while the pricing of the Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition 43-inch , Mi TV 4A Horizon  , Edition 40-inch, Mi TV 4X 43-inch and the Redmi TV 65-inch has been increased by Rs. 1,000.

In contrast, th Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition 43-inch, Mi TV 4X 55-inche, Redmi TV 50-inch, Redmi TV 55-inch , and the Mi TV QLED 55-inch have received a hike of Rs. 2,000.

The change in the prices is currently reflecting  on the Mi.com site.